Friday, January 29, 2010

Alyssa busy painting as it too cold to go out.
Christmas Catus gone WILD! or doesn't know x-mas is over?

Drew has found my Chocolate is my junk drawer? Going to have to find new hiding spot as he'll soon be here most of time. His parents sold thier home and the hunt begins! WHO can get mad when your blessed with that smile?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year

just can't seem to get it together; moving on but then a call from Hospice can make and ok day , full of tears. Have thousand projects and can't start one STUCK, so STUCK. Any ideas how to " GET MY life back"??? I have siggies to make and 2 packages that need to be sent. Wheres a good QUILT show so I can get motivated?couldn't have just a down day so heres so pictures of last month Sometimes the kids don't grow-up (Nick on sled)! Cinderlla grant my wish(?) Gingerbread house the grands made for me, and REAL WIS. MAPLE syrup! thanks Carol & Brian!