Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brody is 5

Granny loves you little man, wish you were closer so I could HUG you in person!


  1. What a cutie! He looks full of boy mischievousness!


  2. He's so sweet! I wish mine lived closer too! I think Grandmother's who live near their grandchildren are just about the luckiest people alive!

  3. You are WONDERFUL!!! I just received the most fabulous box full of quilts and children's clothes from a very special Grandma Rockton!!!! I can't tell you how excited I was going through all the goodies. It felt like Christmas. My husband works at the school in the hardest hit area from the storms. He is bringing home specific names today and all this week, Although he is a High School Counslor he is in a unique position to know who has little brothers and sisters, cousins, etc.. in need of these items. If he gets me names I'm going to label and put their name on them in honor of YOU!! Some may go to the hospital...just whatever the need. On TV this morning, there was an urgent plea for donations of blankets and children's clothes in some of the more rural areas not being reached as quickly by the bigger organizations, etc.. I will make sure these items find a good home. I'm in love with that appliqued bunny quilt!! Also, I took pictures for my blog but forgive the quality because I'm not a photographer like some of these quilters!! I'll give a disclaimer for any shadows, etc,, Your work is so nice!!
    I'm thinking of putting some applique/monograms on those cute onesies. Won't that be cute???
    I can't thank you enough Sandra. You paid a lot of postage as well and for that I am grateful. You are a very special lady!!
    Gmama Jane