Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day

Spring outside my door! Finally

Which would you use on "TIS the SEASON"????

the youngn's don't know what there missing not haveing the fun of May Day. Remember? Sent 1st pin cushion out, sent blanket for babies (IBOL) and working on Tis the Season. Can't show pincushion yet , I did recieve one from Linda that I love. THANKS


  1. What flavor are the jelly rolls? That would make it easier to pick one.....I am using 12 Days of Christmas....

  2. either jelly roll would look great..........

  3. I remember leaving flowers at my neighbors door step. I should do that again. As for Tis the Season - I am such a traditionalist and would use the one on the right, of course if I adventured the other would be beautiful too!